Assuagent offers services in two categories: Advisory Services and Education.

Advisory Services

Assuagent Advisory Services include assessments of network infrastructure, applications and operating systems.  Advisory Services also includes Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) specification, design, installation and training / knowledge transfer.  Assisted Managed Security Services and Infrastructure Configuration Assessments and Validations.


  • Assuagent network security assessments are a “white box” assessment. Assuagent works with our clients to detail the existing network and assists in discovering any unknown subnets. We run multiple scanning tools to identify known and unknown networks and services running on those networks. We will then customize a report for the client showing industry accepted standards for remediation.
  • Assuagent also runs security assessments against commercial and custom applications. We will run scanning tools against custom applications to discover any weaknesses. We will also run scanning tools against commercial applications to discover weaknesses. We will also research commercial application vendors to identify versions and their security issues and recommend vendors specified remediation paths.
  • Operating system security assessments are performed using automated testing tools to identify security issues. We also research vendors to identify known security issues and recommend the best practice remediation paths.

Security Incident and Event Management

  • Security Incident and Event Management systems design, setup and training. Assuagent can assist, guide and make recommendations to clients on setting up SIEM systems, scanning systems and monitoring systems.
  • Assuagent can recommend various free and open source operating systems, security scanning applications and complete SIEM systems.
  • We can recommend the ideal network tapping strategy for the customer network and recommend an ideal hardware platform to implement these systems.

Assisted Managed Security Services

  • Assisted Managed Security Services assists clients by monitoring and reacting to SIEM events while a client gets their in house program setup.
  • Assuagent can be a Managed Service Provider during or after normal business hours depending on client requirements.

Infrastructure Configuration Assessments and Validations

Assuagent can review your routers, switches, firewalls and other network devices to verify they conform to industry Information Security standards.  These reviews will cover:

  • Configuration follows vendor recommended security configurations.
  • Access Control Lists on routers and switches are proper, effective and meet clients standards.
  • Firewall Access Control List review to determine completeness and no unexpected permissions are configured.
  • Virtual Private Network tunnels and ACLs meet industry best practices.

Education Services

Assuagent can provide various types of Information Security Training including:

  • Staff cybersecurity awareness training
  • Recommend free cybersecurity awareness training materials
  • Assist clients in setting up an in house cybersecurity awareness training program.